About Bobby Riggs

Owner, Quick Computer Services
about Quick Computers and owner Bobby Riggs Bobby Riggs, the owner of Quick Computer Services, has been building, servicing, and repairing computers for his entire life.

At age 7, Bobby was taking electronics apart to see how they functioned and repaired electronics that would otherwise have been destined for the trash!

Experienced in Computer Repair

By age 13, Bobby started his own computer repair business. He kept this business going through high school and continued to operate it while working full time for companies including Intel, ShinEtsu (SEH America), and Advanced Telecom Group.

Servicing Lincoln County for 15+ Years

Bobby was working in the Portland Metro area when he met his wife, Beth. When they married, he relocated to Lincoln County and purchased Quick Computer Services from Brett Quick in 2007.

He has been building and expanding the business for the past fifteen years, and has over 25+ years of working on computers professionally. Bobby values his community and is happy to be the local and trusted resource for keeping Lincoln County’s home and business offices running smoothly.

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