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Do you work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones?
We do all software and hardware repairs on desktops and laptops, both PC and Mac. We do ONLY software repairs on tablets and phones. We do not repair broken tablets or broken cell phones.

Do Apple machines get viruses?
Yes, and we can fix them.

What are your most popular services?
Our services include virus removal, troubleshooting and diagnostics, data recovery, new computers and custom computer builds, memory and hard drive upgrades, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS installations, and many other services.

Can you install a WiFi network?
We do both home and business WiFi (and wired) network installations. We work with hotels, apartments, homes, vacation rentals, etc. We can also install printers on your network and ensure that all devices on the network are talking with each other.

Can you install security cameras?
We do security camera system installations, diagnostics and repairs to security systems, and most of the associated services with security systems. We do not repair alarm systems (yet).