The following are comments from our customers.
"Best place to take your computer for honest work and reasonable prices!"

- Christine D
"So friendly and helpful. They moved everything I needed from my old computer to my new one."

- Patti S
"Quick Computer is my "go to" Five Star computer service! Yes, it is quick but also very thorough. As a novice computer user I appreciate their instruction and patience as they work with me and my computer."

- George H
"Very friendly and helpful. I just purchased a new computer system from him. Easy to follow instructions given. I have used him before. Always come back for all my computer needs."

- Sharon S
"My computer crashed and I thought all of my files were gone. Bobby was able to retrieve my lost file and repair my computer. I use computer for work so he saved me 18 hours of work. Would definitely recommend him to my friends and family."

- Joe Q
"Excellent 5 star service, flexible with their prices, and capable of building the machine of your dreams."

- Troy W
"My computer completely stopped and froze up on me. I called Bobby to the rescue. Even though he was extremely busy he said to stop by and see if he could fix what was wrong. I took it less than an hour and he had the computer working again. He even found 2 viruses on it and removed them. I highly recomend Quick Computer Services!"

- Anon
"The day before I was to leave on a trip, my WiFi suddenly stopped working. I took my elderly Toshiba laptop to Bobby at Quick Computer Services. I explained that I needed it back the same day if possible. I left the laptop and went about my day. Bobby called me with an update and recommendations. He had the laptop back to me that afternoon, with software and computer cleaned.. I'll definitely be back if needed, for great customer service and reasonable prices."

- Theresa S
"They built a gaming computer for my wife. The graphics are breathtaking and run very smooth. She is very happy. We play very graphics intensive games and she has no issues now."

- Dave M
"Had the Opportunity to take my computer once again to Bobby and Celeste at Quick Computer Service after my computer suffered the Black Screen of Death. Once again, Bobby bailed me out! He fixed and cleaned my computer once again and got it up and running in no time. I would also recommend Bobby if you're thinking about a new computer as well. Bobby and Celeste are very patient with us Hypotechnologists. Um, button pushers and so forth. Thanks again You Guys!"

- Anon
"I was very impressed by the service at Quick's. Celeste made a detailed summary of my computer problem and promised me that Bobby would let me know what the problem was and how much time and labor would be. To diagnose the problem replace the hard drive that failed and transfer thousands of pictures, video and music files was more than reasonable. I will send all my friends there~ they lived up to their name~ THANKS Celeste and Bobby.... you rock!"

- Skip F
"I took my PC in after my video card failed. They diagnosed the problem and fixed my computer exactly how I wanted. They were great and my computer works flawlessly now. Thank you!"

- David M
"I am very happy with my experience at Quick Computer Services. Helpful, professional service- fast too, they live up to their name. My computer is working just great, and it was a reasonable charge too. I highly recommend these cordial people to fix your computer problems."

- Diane W
"As a business owner in Newport, I support local businesses whenever I can. Quick's is one of those good ones that makes it an easy choice. Bobby's rates are fair and reasonable, and he gets the job done. I'd had one expert give up on a tablet that was underperforming, but Bobby was able to get it right. Thanks!"

- Tom M
"Bobby was able to help with my sluggish, overheating laptop. Running like a champ now. Thank you Bobby Riggs for going the extra mile and keeping the cost down!"

- Kris P
"Very pleased with the service. they were very fast cleaning up my computer. I will go back and also recommend to my friends."

- Marcy C
"My computer has been serviced twice by Quick Computer Services for two separate problems and both times it has worked perfectly when returned. Thank you, Bobby!"

- Marilyn M
"I took my laptop here when it got really slow and started showing weird pop ups, etc. When I got it back at the end of the day it was way faster and had no more errors. Definitely recommend to others and I will be back the next time I have any computer problems."

- Jae K
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